Monday, February 1, 2010

An Active Imagination?

A wonderful sugar maple right?  Mr. Norm wants to tap it along with a few others and make maple syrup this spring.  I have other plans!
By day: a beautiful sugar maple. By night: MONSTER TREE!  Better believe it!  See how nice it looks standing so eloquently behind the house and camper?  This picture was taken in November 07 going into our first full winter on the farm.
Can't see it in these pictures, but I have a thing with curtains, I DO NOT like them.  Yes, they are beautiful and yes they add a wonderful dimension to ones home.  BUT,  they scare me.
Not the curtain itself, but what  might be hiding behind them.  I like to be able to see all that I can and be aware of what may be lurking in the dark.  Be it real or.... Well...
Did I tell you that Mr. Norm is a Mechanical Engineer? In August 07' a new machine went on line, which required a lot of his time at work.  Which meant, I was home alone. Seen the movie? Out in the middle of 128 acres, it wasn't the kind of bad guys that starred in the movie that were messing with my thoughts.
It was these bad guys!

pictures from google unknown source

 We have had them circle our little camper, just like you see in the movies when they'd circle the
wagon train.   Mr. Norm counted 8 one evening and he told me about them, you'd think he'd know better! 
On one of those dark, cold,windy nights while home alone and still in the camper, I became fully aware that it was not only those wild beasts that frightened me.
Right around midnight, the winds really picked up and the camper started to sway.  Not a gentle little lulla-bye sway, more like you aren't in Kansas anymore kind of sway!  A full moon revealed all types of shadows jumping in and out of the tree line.  Sitting  in complete darkness, spying on all that moved beyond those fragile little windows,  I turned to look out the curtain-less window behind me and saw it!  That innocent little sugar maple had morphed into a enormous man eating, No!, CAMPER EATING MONSTER TREE!  It's branches, now teeth.  Reaching, Snapping, Opening and Closing, trying to devour my little home away from home.  Have you ever seen a tree eat a camper?  Scary sight!  And I was smack dab in the middle. Not liking the situation at all! Yes, I think I'd become a scaredy pants!

Mr. Norm arrived home, I told him my scary nights tale. Think he believed me? That smirk told me that he had his doubts.

With the light of  day approaching, I could see my imagination may of been slightly active, as all was well at The Turner Farm


  1. you are too funny! this post had me laughing out loud. I think you are brave! I'd a high-tailed it outta there so fast if I were in a camper in the dead of night with high winds and wolves!!!! motel 6 thank you very much :)

  2. That thought entered my mind several times through the night. If my vehicle had been closer to the camper, my hubby would of come home to a note telling him he could find me at the nearest hotel. I just was not brave enough to venture out into the darkness...

  3. Laurie, Thanks for visiting River Rock Cottage. Glad I could spread some memories of warmth. Hang in there... it's coming!!

    Would love to have enough maple trees for syrup here on my mountain!!

  4. I just found your blog through Donna at Funky Junk... I read every post... what an exciting venture... I really had to laugh at this one though... I would have been calling hubby and telling him to pick me up some Depends and he better be getting his butt home real fast...LOL

  5. Oh Girl, I would have been scared just like you! I get so spooked easily out in the 'wild'. :-D Sugar maple tappin? I'm on my way, I've always wanted to do that. You are livin' the life my dear. Love that little signature at the end of the blog post!