Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mission Almost Impossible

Ever have one of those days, that turns into one of those weeks, that may just turn into one of those months?  I'm determined that today will end this endless spin cycle.  I'm calling in the Repair Guy and this out of control machine is going to get some adjustments.   5-10 minute cycle - acceptable.  20 hour a day cycle - Not Working!
Today is dedicated to completing the tasks that are taking up way too much brain space.  I am excited about one project that I hope to will complete today.  What is that quote?  Hope is not an effective form of management. The To-Do List is updated and prioritized. 
Oh how I wish that my favorite project was first on the list. Sadly there are others that must take priority. I will feel better getting the not so fun ones off the list! Right?

Here is a peek of what I really want to work on right now.   I'm allowing a peek.  If I reveal an entire shot, I may never get to the priorities of the list. 
To find my balance, I must shut down this spin cycle.  I am repeating.  To find my balance, I must shut down this spin cycle.  Repeat to myself once again....

I will be back to share project 201, upon completion of 1-200.  If you do not hear from me in the next few days, the out-of-control machine won.  Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx and tell my daughters that I love them.


  1. a few days you will have completed 1-200 are a super woman...sometimes the easiest way is to just unplug the machine...shuts that spin cycle off fast...take care

  2. you poor thing :) stupid "laundry"

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog..your so kind and sweet! hope you have a great weekend..stop by again i would be very glad if you did! take care Stephanie