Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It appears that my girls may be adopting a tradition.  
One that is tugging on my heart.
First to announce a change in their home was Miss
Kristin.  She and her husband are under going some
major renovations and a tree would be in the way.
She is more like her mom than she cares to admit!
Next came the announcement from Miss Sarah.  Her
husband is in the midst of finishing his doctorate and
they are up in the air as to where they will be. 
The idea that my girls would not have a tree sent my 
heart a spinning.  
A few fresh greens and a festive ribbon, Oh my!

When Miss Sarah announced on fb that they
would not be having a tree, all the moms united.
Prompting Miss Sarah to do some research of her
my girls and I will be pulling out the
power tools and the baking dishes...
they will have a Christmas tree

or two...

I may just have to keep one of these
for the farm.  

all photos from google.com

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On the first day of December

My true love gave to me...
something that is a little rusty....
and has the number 3...

I know! I'm blaming it on this dang head cold
thingy.  Today I am one with the tissues.

Boy, my teeth hurt...

Speaking of decorating, WOW all of you
have been busy!  Your Christmas mantels 
and other decorations are looking
I'll be honest, I'm a wee bit envious.  

I'm really wanting this room done

It's going to be just like Christmas when
I can finally unpack . 

In the land of misfits ~ storage unit 
for 3 years  Santa has to find his way this year!
Determined to add some cheer to this
construction zone, I bundled up and ventured outside
and chopped down our tree
Concerned that it might dry out too much before
Christmas Day, I used some of the wet foam we had 
left over from Miss Sarah's wedding.  
covered that with some of what nature provided me.
As I sip on my tea, begging Mr. Norm to pull my 
teeth ~ I smile~ bumbles bounce and Charlie Brown would
be proud.

I'll be back in the am to post some photos.~ by the
time I got it set up and decorated it was dark and 
my nose was shining bright. 
 Oh and this galvanized thingy...

Can any of you guess what it is?  It is one of a pair.

No silly, not two turtle doves...


Monday, November 29, 2010

Things to come

Hope you all had a Joyous Thanksgiving with family
and friends. We had a fabulous 4 day weekend. 
Was blessed with a wonderful Thanksgiving, worked 
on many projects and had some glorious time

I am beyond excited with our latest construction projects.
I look forward to sharing all that is happening here
on the farm

I am resisting the urge to pull out my camera, point n shoot,
load and show you all that is happening. 


Mr. Norm surprised me for my birthday. 

I start Photography Class today! 


Monday, November 22, 2010

Mr. Norm made the Top 10!

I just called Mr. Norm at work to tell him that the shipping
pallet turned gorgeous new Farm Table 

made the Top 10 in 
DIY Club

I wish you could of heard the conversation, too cute.
Mr. Norm is excited. I am excited for Mr. Norm. 

Be sure to visit all the Incredible entries into  

I've been busy working on the nook where this beauty will
make it's home.  Hoping to have it complete by Thanksgiving.

Taught myself how to mud and sand sheet rock.  Today, I'm 
working on trim. 


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photos and Lighting

Over the last few weeks, I've been trying to dedicate time
each day to read and learn more about taking good photos.
I've spent time over at Funky Junk Interiors reading her tips
and Modern Prairie Girl had a fabulous series of posts
that I printed out and am working my way through.

I still have that cocked~head~thing going on!  

I'm discovering a side of me that I really didn't know existed.
When it comes to taking photos....do I dare say it?... No it 
can't be!!!  Yup, I can't believe it.... I'm impatient.   

That my friend is a hard pill for me to swallow.  I pride myself
on my patience.   I have lived in an in process home for 
almost 4 years now.  Patience of a saint I tell you! 
Yes, I'm laughing at myself as I type this. 

Ask my dear mother-in-law. Almost every time we 
chat on the phone and I update her with our progress on
the farm, she will say "Divorce him, no other women out
there would put up with living that way".  It makes me
laugh every time. It sounds as though I didn't have a choice
in this adventure of ours.

If I recall, it may of been my idea and he was so good to go 
along with it!  Think we were both wanting the adventure,
not fully understanding the journey we were about to take.

Back to the photos.  Donna over at Funky Junk has said it 
in almost every post I have read on photo skills and yes,
Lara at Modern Prairie Girl confirmed.....
photo shoots are work.

But I just want to click and shoot and have our projects look
as good on here as they do in real life and gulp...
I want it now.  

Again, laughing at this discovery and learning the hard way.  

I was so anxious for you all to see the results of the
mudding and sanding job, along with the COLOR that
now lives in our little nook.

Despite the poor lighting created partly from the lack 
of windows in that room and partly from the natural
wood ceiling,  I jumped right in and started clicking
away.  Imagine my displeasure when I clicked on my
post from another computer!

Oh my!!  My excitement bubble burst!

So today, I'm a listening! 
source: internet
 I'm digging out the work flood lights 

source: nikon.com
I'm going to read the manual and learn what all these
settings mean and learn how to use them.

Mustering up the patience and bringing it to the table.  

Maybe, with my next post my true colors will be revealed.


Monday, November 15, 2010

How we spent our vacation ~

Mr. Norm had vacation last week.  My job is such that I can
usually control the hours I work. I did have a few cooking
classes and an event on the schedule. Even so, 
we got a lot accomplished in a week.
We have radiant heat in all the floors, along with 
the fact that we have animals, we decided tile was 
the way to go.  
OH~SO~TOASTY this time of year!
I've had a difficult time capturing the true colors of 
the tile.  There is little natural light in this room
and I've been unable to locate the work lights. 
We've been framing...
Sheet rocking.....
tonight I've been mudding sheet rock and filling
nail holes with wood putty.....
Tomorrow, I hope to be painting.  I'm slightly nervous
about it.  It is not easy for me to go with color.
In our previous home, our color scheme was hard wood
floors, white walls, white cabinets, white furniture.
I'm still drawn to the white rooms that are featured in
blogland.  But I've discovered on this journey of mine,
that I really love the color, texture, warmth of nature's

Can you guess what color these will not be???

I think........


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Build a House For Their House

As many of you know, by profession I am a Chef. 
I think you may also know that I love to build. 
A building project near and dear to my heart.   
Each year building houses to help raise funds for a local
homeless shelter.
The shelter has a campaign to raise funds for a 
new home for battered women and children.
 "Build a House For Their House"
Combining our passion to help, love of cooking and
building. Our annual Gingerbread House Festival was born.
Construction is underway 

“A house is made of walls and beams; 

a home is built with love and dreams.”

all photos are from  family member  entries

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Harvest

We had our first snow of the season this week.
We were not quite ready ~ it's a bit early!
We still had harvesting to do.
With a bit of scurrying ~ we have checked that off 
our to-do list.  It feels so good, especially since
today is another COLD Fall day.  I'm still in my pjs.
Might remain that way.  
Enjoying the view and enjoying my new fall favorite!
I'm addicted!  This was my BREAKFAST bowl this 
morning.  I love, love, love fall harvest and all the
goodness the garden has to offer.  Roasted Root 
Vegetable Salad with a Warm Maple Mustard Vinaigrette
has ranked number one in my kitchen for weeks now.
Last night things changed!  Butternut Squash, Sweet
Potato, Maple and a bit of Marsala infused together
to create this GLORIOUS soup!  Just the energy boost
needed to tackle that to-do list. The one required 
to ensure that we are all gathered around
 Mr. Norm's latest creation Giving Thanks!
I am grateful for days like these!


Monday, November 1, 2010

My~ Free~ Farmtable

This post has been edited.   Photos have been added
I love that Mr. Norm is a DIYer!  
While engineering a project at work, he received some
machine parts that were shipped in on these beauties.
~Shipping Pallets~
Solid Mahogany!
We went to work pulling nails and taking an inventory
 of what we had on hand. With building our own home we
 always have leftovers from other projects.  
Check! we had all the required supplies to do this project.
Next Step: Measure, Cut, Measure, Cut 
REPEAT ............
I shared with you 
that Mr. Norm started to create
counters from this beautiful wood. 
 Once it started to come together
And the true beauty of the wood
 began to be revealed
we both decided it would 
make a better table. 
Mr. Norm went to work.
I came home to this!

It's Rustic, It's original, and it was Free
I'm so excited!  
 We rubbed it with Linseed Oil and the colors 
just popped. We have it in the kitchen right now.
We are working on tiling the floor, sheet rocking the walls, 
constructing the L-Shaped Breakfast Nook and Benches.

Completion Date Goal: Thanksgiving

First Time in 5 years we'll be able to gather at 
a real table!


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